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A Case for Analogy

August 17, 2014 by Motiur Rahman

A Short Anecdote

Preface: The Verification Principle

The old fish said to the young one, “do not eat this, for it is a bait. The Fisherman has left it to catch the foolish ones.” “How do you know asked the young one? It is just that you do not want me to enjoy the treat dangling there so you can have it afterwards.”

“I am aged and experienced,” replied the older fish, “I have seen and heard more than you have.”

“What will happen if I eat that which seems to be very appealing to eat?”

“You will be caught on a hook, and then lifted out of the water.”

“What will happen after that?”

“Beastly creatures will take you to their home, and eat you with his family.”

“Nonsense, replied the young fish, it is probably that you are old and weary, cannot compete for food anymore, or have lost your taste buds, and inventing silly old stories to frighten us. So just stop kidding. I have heard enough of your words in the past.”

The story: A Case for Analogy

When the guests were getting ready to eat, the blind one asked if he could eat now with everyone. “Not now, but later, replied the host, for you ask too many questions.”

“But I promise I won’t talk or ask any questions, please I’m hungry, can I eat now?”

“Only if you promise not to ask any questions while everyone is eating.”

So the feast began, which was truly delightful to the guests, one dish after another being served by the host, the guests enjoying it immensely.

At near the end of the meal, the blind one excused himself, asked, “Forgive me for asking but I cannot desist, what am I eating, for I have never tasted such beautiful food in my whole life?”

“It is called Rasmalai, an Indian sweet.”

“How is this made, and using which ingredients,” asked the blind one?

“It is made mainly with milk,” replied the host.

“Yes, I have had milk before, it tastes very nice but how does it look?”

“It is like water, but has white as its colour.”

“Forgive me for asking, but how does white look like.”

“You would not know, it is the same colour as stork.”

“What does a stork look alike?”

“Feel my arm, its neck is like this,” he said, extending his arm.

“Ah I see, now I know what white looks like, it is long and bendy, rounded and curvy at the top.”

The Epistemology of Love

“I can’t see what you mean by pain, I can only see pleasure, especially in the summer when I burst into flowers and fruits like laughing and singing,” said the tree to the animal.

“I can see pain and hunger, the heat and the cold, but I cannot understand what you mean by art and beauty, and when you lecture to me about rights and wrongs, what you call morals,” said the animal to the human.

“To possess the qualities of the Master is happiness. To aspire towards name and fame, to admire art and beauty, to bring into order rank and society, to possess power and dominion gives pleasure, but I cannot see the point in servitude,” said the human to the lover.

“My pleasure lies in the pleasure of the Beloved, my being lies in the Being of the Beloved, I do not seek but only that what He seeks, to bid His will and be His Khalifa on the Earth.”

“The angels do not feel the pain of separation, nor the pleasure of union. Pleasure cannot be without union; union cannot be without separation; separation cannot be but pain; all for the epistemology of love.”

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