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November 26, 2020

Aliph – The Letter of Unity

Bismillahi wa-lhamdu-lillah, as-salatu was-salamualaika ya Rasulullah

The first letter, the Arabic Aliph,
The Greek Alpha, the English A,
The first sound, the shape of spear.
The Sound of Unity, the Symbol of One,
Aliph of love, enumerates thousand,
Aliph of Ahad, One leads to One.
For the Greeks were the logos, for Muslims the kalimah,
La ilaha illaAllahu Muhammad -ar-Rasulullah,
In the Garden of One there is none other.
One cannot be divided, neither multiplied,
For there is none other to divide,
Lam yalid wa lam ulad.
One times One, is always One,
One divided by One, is always One,
Wahdahu, la sharikalahu, logical conclusion.
The Lam is for negation, the first letter of the logos,
The symbol of the sword, to purify the heart,
Of the seemingly many, to the path of truth.
First comes the negation, then illa Allah,
The affirmation that there is only Allah,
The quest for Peace, Muhammad ar-Rasulullah.
Different tongues have sang the same song,
The deference being only in the name,
The One having thousand Names for thousand Forms.
In the Aliph of Love all the Names unite,
‘Due to His love there’s no room for hate,’
Said Rabia al-Adawiyya about her heart.
The double negation in the Name Allah,
The Aliph for immanence, ha for transcendence,
Seek you He; for He is near, yet very far.
No ears have heard Him, no eyes have seen,
No vision comprehends Him, there’s no comparison,
Wa lam ya kun lahu kufuwan Ahad.

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