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September 22, 2020

Month of Rabi-ul-Awwal

Rejoice, for time has reached a full circle,

Arrived, alas, Month of Rabi-ul-Awwal,

On the twelfth day the Prophet was born,

The glorious sun, on the morning of dawn;

The Year of the Elephant heralds a new era,

Men of Makkah witnessed the terror,

Of the army of Abraha who threatened the Qaaba,

From the elephants Allah did deliver;

Toppled were the thrones of the kings Arabia,

Flowing to the brim the dry River Samwa

The angels rejoice while the devils weep,

The Seal of Prophets, Muhammad of Arabia;

“What do you say when God is the third of the three,

O Abu Bakr why do you worry?” on the hijrah journey,

They entered Madinah on the twelfth Rabi-ul-Awwal,

The First year of hijri, a time’s memorial

The pearl of creation, the jewel in the crown,

The light of the hearts, the joy of the Throne,

“I was a hidden treasure and I desired to be known,”

“O Jabir, from your Prophet’s light came whole creation”

The Pen had cracked at the mention of the name,

On the gates of jannah it is written the same,

Adam’s recollection led to his return,

None can enter until he recites the kalimah;


Muhammad al-Mustafa, rahmat-ul-lil-‘alamin,

“I am in between the old and the new,”

Ages proceed, and to him the ages lead;

The first on the Day, to arise from the grave,

Saying “ummati, ummati,” wishing to save,

“raise your head O my Beloved Prophet”

“whatever you ask, of you shall be accepted”

Men would turn to Adam, “Father intercede for us,

Of His Hands you were created, spoke with Him face to face”

“My children I do not know, for I had broken the vow,

From the forbidden tree I had eaten; to Nuh you should go”

“You had once delivered us in the form of the Ark,

From the brink to the surface, you delivered the human race,

Deliver us again today from drowning in our sweat,”

The sun just above the head, sweltering from the intense heat;

“Go to Ibrahim the Friend of God, for I am worried,

I do not know, I had prayed, to save a son who had disobeyed”

“Ya Ibrahim Khalilallah, we’ve been waiting thousands o’years.”

“I fear for my pun, when I broke idols, leaving the big one,

“Go to Musa the word of Allah, perhaps he will be able to deliver.”

“Allah may ask me ‘bout the one I slew, by accident, among the Pharaoh’

Go to ‘Isa the Spirit of Allah, maybe he’ll intercede”, advised Musa,

“I fear He may question me, ‘why do they say you of the trinity?’

“Go to Muhammad the Chosen One, Imam-ul-mursalin,

Khatam-un-nabiin, rahmatul-lil-‘alamin,

Master of mankind, the father of all,

The saviour of sinners, compassionate and noble.”

Abu Jahl is spared on Mondays for he set her free,

When she delivered the message of Prophet’s birth,

He rejoiced and celebrated, another son born in the family,

Million more reasons for the believer to celebrate milad-un-nabi.

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